Life and Memories

Anne’s lifelong interest and hobby was genealogy. She traced her family tree back centuries. (Rich’s not nearly so much – because of the language barrier.) It’s a challenge going that far back with a common surname, and the information is often lost or less detailed the further you go back. Her children have not been bitten by the genealogy bug. Maybe we take it for granted. Maybe when we retire, we’ll have time to delve deeply into the research she has done and develop a deeper appreciation.

Where Anne has researched the past, this blog will capture memories of the family’s present. It will be up to one of Anne’s Talented Grandchildren to pick up the future narrative. Talented Ones, please journal some of your memories. It’s a wonder how memories you think you’ll never forget start to fade without your ever realizing.

Anne had a favorite picture of herself. She said she wanted it shown at her memorial. Here you are Mom!

Welcome to the blog inspired by Anne and her life’s work.

Rich and Anne in New York City

Rich and Anne won this trip to New York City in drawing from one of the local “downtown” stores. See May 2012 post for the story. Circa 1962.


Something Beautiful Remains

Tina Turner

We’re living in world, stars and dust
Between heaven ‘n all that surrounds us
We’re travellers here, spirits passing through
And the love we give, is all that will endure
Just like a rose after the rain
Something beautiful remains
Tears will leave no stains
Time will ease the pain
For every life that fades
Something beautiful remains


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